Sodium Silicate Solid & Liquid

Sodium silicate, also known as waterglass, is a versatile inorganic chemical made by combining sand and soda ash (sodium carbonate) at high temperature.  Adjusting the ratio of sand to soda ash yields a variety of products with unique functionality used in many industrial and consumer product applications.  sodium silicate is available in solid (lump glass, cullet), liquid, and powder (hydrous and anhydrous) forms.  We offer the largest variety of high quality products shipped from the most extensive sodium silicate manufacturing network in the world.


Applications: Packing Methods
  • Soap Industries.
  • Detergent industries
  • Steel Industries.
  • Civil Industries
  • Tank Lorry - Recommended for bulk storage if liquid silicate
  • Packing Bags - 50 KGS      
  • Drum - 300 KGS    

Technical Data

Data Sheet for Liquide Sodium Silicate Alkaline Grade
Ratio Na2O : SiO2 / 1:1.722 to 2.800
Specific Gravity Specific Gravity 38 to 60º Be
Na2O % 9 to 18 %
SiO2 % 25 to 37 %
Total Soluble Solids 34 to 55%


Data Sheet for Solid Sodium Silicate Alkaline Grade
Ratio Na2O : SiO2 / 1:1.72 to 2.800
Na2O % 26 to 34 %
SiO2 %
  65 to 73 %
Total Soluble Solids 99% Min.


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