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Auromeera Industries (U) Ltd. is the flagship company of our Business Operations in Uganda. We manufacture Plastic products & Chemical products. In Plastic, we provide total packing solution to Uganda and across the globe. In Chemical products, we manufacture Sodium Silicate - Solid & Sodium Silicate - Liquid.

Our Factory, Situated in the Business production Hub in Jinja, about 80KM east of the Ugandan Capital Kampala, operates 24 hours a day, 6 days a week.

We do not generate emissions into the atmosphere.Our Green Policy revolves around our Time-tested tenets of Reuse & Recycling.

We recycle waste generated during production and used waste material collected from the public thereby contributing to environmental protection.



Being a quality driven organization, we aim at enhancing our competitive edges to meet up our customers’ expectations associated with trust and reliability.








To standardized operational routine that guarantees the maximum return on investment while preserving the environment and demonstrating a sustainable model of productivity.

To contribute to the overall economic development while addressing issue of unemployment in Uganda.

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